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Sprouter + Recipe booklet


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ECO-DESIGNED SPROUTER: composed of two parts made from recycled bamboo fibres, this sprouter converts into two
matching bowls to taste its sprouted seeds directly. The germination grid reveals a word game with a series of words in each one of the
micro-perforations, which also provides the perfect amount of water to ensure the rapid growth of seeds. My SPROUTER is guaranteed to be PVC-free, phthalatefree and BPA-free

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WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF SEEDS: The harmonious design of My SPROUTER has been carefully thought out to allow just the right amount of air and light in for the growth of all types of seeds, even mucilaginous!v

IF YOUR CUSTOMERS ENjOY THE BENEFITS OF AROMATHERAPY TO TREAT THEMSELVES, they will also be sensitive to the many virtues of sprouted seeds. Increase your sales by offering complementary products!

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