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  • Description Stonélia green 100% CERAMIC DIFFUSER: The STONELIA diffuser is designed entirely of ceramic. This natural material is an excellent conductor of heat. It allows for gentle evaporation of essential oils, while preserving their properties and aromas. The fragrances spread naturally in the ambient air until their mixture is evenly dispersed. 

  • Description Pluglia DIFFUSER FOR EACH ROOM: PLUGLIA is a wall diffuser that plugs directly into the outlet. Gently heated by electrical resistance, the essential oils gradually release their aromatic notes. The temperature is perfectly controlled to preserve the active properties of the essential oils. With its gentle and silent diffusion, this diffuser...

  • Description Stonelia square DIFFUSER FOR MASSAGE OILS: STONELIA SQUARE diffusion technology makes it possible to diffuse more than essential oils in the ambient air. Its ceramic tray also allows you to heat massage oils to release their aromatic notes before applying them on the body. A soft warm light accompanies the diffusion of essential oils.

  • Description Lightlia A smooth and exhilarating atmosphere The soft and delicate light from this lamp will ease up one’s mind. The white porcelain decorated with relaxing designs inspires purity and simplicity. Add a few drops of oil into the blue slot for a slow aroma diffusion by warming the molecules, therefore perfect for the the home. 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items